Compressed air is a versatile, reliable and safe way of transmitting energy, it is often considered as the fourth utility after electricity, gas and water and is used by almost all industrial businesses.mb air systems has a key focus to help our customers optimise their energy usage and assist in driving down operational costs and make their compressed air systems as efficient as possible.

The industry standard of compressed air leakage rate is 10-30% of the compressor's annual energy consumption and can be one of the biggest costs to a system's efficiency. We utilise an ultrasonic leak detector to identify the source of leaks in your system and provide a detailed report showing the location, estimated size and cost of the leaks. We can provide costs for repairing each issue and reducing wasted energy.

Ingersoll Rand System ScoreCARDmb air systems can complete a comprehensive evaluation of your compressed air system.  We will use the System ScoreCARD to identify opportunities for a more reliable and energy efficient system.  Your system will be scored based on supply & demand side efficiencies and equipment reliability.  A grade card will be issued to help you focus on sustainability, reducing CO2 emissions, energy savings, reliability, and to give you a better understanding of your site's compressed air system.airINSITEmb air systems can provide an advanced data logging solution - airINSITE - that enables compressed air systems to be easily audited for energy efficiencies.Data loggers incorporate high quality sensors to collect and store information including volts, current and true power from individual air compressors as well as audit system pressure, temperature, moisture dew point and flow data.mb air systems then analyse the data to provide our customers with the most energy efficient and practical solutions.

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