mb air systems worked in partnership with Ingersoll Rand to provide a complete backup Instrument Air System for a new Gasification Plant, Singapore.

A high specification packaged skid was designed, assembled, factory tested and delivered. This critical backup system was dispatched on time and on budget, allowing our client no delays to the new plant. The packaged skid included SS316L enclosures, ASME VIII Div1 U Stamped and MOM registered vessels, ASME flanged process pipework and was designed for an outdoor harsh environment.

The Problem

In case of normal IA supply failure an uninterruptible IA Back-up Unit was required. It was critical that the packaged skid was delivered within the set timeframe as the remainder of the plant was dependent on its installation.

The Solution

mb air systems managed the project on behalf of Ingersoll Rand to provide a high spec and reliable packaged skid. With a proven Ingersoll Rand compressor, customised with SS316L enclosures and suitable outdoor modifications, and a reliable twin tower desiccant dryer, with customer specified ASME VIII Div1 U Stamped & MOM registered vessels, this package was designed to succeed.

The Results

A complete solution designed, assembled, witness tested, and dispatched on time and on budget. 

Key Takeaways

Fit For Purpose

A key requirement for this package was for the client to be able to rely on the system in an emergency. mb air systems accommodated this by designing a control philosophy with this in mind:-

  • Diesel Generator supply combined with UPS Control Feed.
  • Power supply monitoring with custom controller software to ensure the system is always ready.

Client DCS monitoring via Modbus TCP

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