MB Air Systems were approached by ZTL Drilling Ltd to provide a solution for their new workshop with an  Integrated Compressed Air System.

MB Air Systems were able to provide our client with a comprehensive solution that started within the project design office.  From start to finish the installation was complete after 10 months.  3 weeks ahead of schedule.

The Problem

ZTL Drilling Ltd had recently won three big multi national contracts that meant, bigger premises, more air pressure controlled tools across the entire 9000 Square Metre workshop in Dyce, Aberdeen.  Required within 10 months.

The Solution

A bespoke design engineered solution from the team at MB Air Systems to work around the shift patters of the clients production team, causing as little down time as possible. (they were down for a total of 12 hours - over 10 months).

The Results

A complete installation without the fuss, with workarounds over a complex floor plan providing their team with enough compression to run lines to 15 stations over a distance of just over half a mile.  The savings from their previous installation one year on.  Were quite staggering!  39.5%

Key Takeaways

A Full Ingersoll Rand Compression System

The standout key takeaway from the project, was not just that we delivered ahead of shedule, but the savings year on year for the system install. 39.6%

The Savings were  39.6% Year on year – mainly due to two factors 

Heatless 'Zero Loss'

Fitting a soft starter to the compressor (providing the low start up current. representing a saving of approx. 38%)

Air Reciever

Desiccant Dryer with Zero Purge (a further saving of 25% on compressed air).


Year on year overhead savings for client