With an aged and unreliable compressed air system, mb air systems were approached to provide a best in class energy efficient solution.

Starting with a thorough system ScoreCARD Analysis, validated by airINSITE (SCADA) monitoring, mb air systems provided a brand new and optimised for energy efficiency compressed air system.

The Problem

The installed compressors were oil flooded compressors, which provided a riskof oil carry over into the compressed air system. The current system was between 14-28 years old and estimated to be 15% less efficient due to their age. They were also becoming obsolete and regular breakdowns were incurring high repair and backup rental costs.

The Solution

A comprehensive evaluation of the compressed air system was completed to help give focus on sustainability, reliability, and improved air quality to meet the site ISO specification. This was backed up with 2 weeks of advanced data logging - including volts, current as well as audit system pressure, and flow data.With all the required data analysis completed, three new efficient oil-free compressors and dryers were selected and installed. The system was completed with new pipework, increased air storage, a master system controller, and Ingersoll Rand Intelliflow valve to further enhance downstream control.

The Results

The system's overall efficiency and reliability was improved by installing correctly sized oil free compressors with variable speed motors which will vary the compressors output and eliminate the offload running costs.

Key Takeaways

Best In Class Equipment

The standout key takeaway from the project was the due to the energy efficiency of the new equipment, it is estimated that 1,317,364 kWh will be saved and 334 CO2 Tonnes will be avoided year on year. Giving a simple payback of under 4 years!


This was mainly down to Ingersoll Rand’s Best in Class equipment:

E250n: 2-Stage, oil free, rotary screw compressor with a state of the art airend and premium efficiency IE3 motors with fully integrated VSD for maximum efficiency. 

D5400ec: Thermal mass, high efficiency refrigerant Dryer with filtration to ensure ISO class 1-4-1 air quality, meeting stringent food production requirements.


realised energy savings per annum!