mb air systems partner with ARO pumps to provide industry proven dependability, economy and precision control for the delivery of a wide range of flowable materials. Whether you are moving a small amount of low viscosity fluid a few feet or a large amount of high viscosity material a longer distance, ARO has a pump to meet your application needs.

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Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

Our pumps offer the ability to vary the flow outlet and discharge pressure as low as 0.26 gallons (1 litre) per minute up to 275 gallons (1040 litre) per minute for our larger sizes and adjust fluid pressure up to 123 p.si. (8.5 bar), by using just an air filter / regulator and a needle valve.

Piston pumps

2 ball and 4 ball piston pumps

2-ball pumps are among the most versatile in the ARO® line. They are capable of handling applications from simple transfer to the extrusion of low- to medium- viscosity materials up to 100,000 centipoise (cPs) with fluid delivery up to 18.1 gpm (68.6 L/min).

4-ball piston pumps are designed to transfer high volumes of low- and medium-viscosity fluids up to 12,500 cPs with fluid delivery up to 32.8 gpm (124.0 L/min), depending on the application.


Centrifugal Dewatering Pump

757 to 870.5 LPM


Simple design, few moving parts
Handles a wide variety of debris-laden applications
Adjustable impeller and impeller cover help maintain peak performance
Ultra-rugged body construction insures durability
Lightweight and extremely portable